Our litigation practice has extensive experience in civil and commercial litigation including mediation and other forms of alternative dispute resolution. We represent both individuals and corporations in a broad range of matters at State and Federal level including:

• Contractual and Commercial Disputes

• Tort Claims comprising:-

- Personal Injuries

- Wrongful Death

- Defamation

- Professional Negligence

- Assault

- False Imprisonment

• Administrative Law (Merits and Judicial Review)

• Insurance claims

• Asset Confiscation / Proceeds of Crime

• Freedom of Information

• ASIC and ACCC Proceedings

We know from our clients’ perspective, quality of service is paramount. We are always happy to discuss the delivery and costing of our legal services with you.


Our litigation practice can also provide representation at the recovery and enforcement stage of legal proceedings. We can assist you in relation to:

  • making demands for payment of debts or judgments owing.
  • pursuing enforcement action when initial demands have not been met.

We can also advise you on the most appropriate method of enforcement available to you including:

  • Instalment Orders;
  • Summons to Attend for Oral Examination;
  • Warrant to Seize Property (goods and/or land);
  • Attachment of Earnings Order;
  • Attachment of Debts Order (Garnishee Order);
  • Bankruptcy (individuals); and
  • Winding Up (companies).